Configure an email account on Thunderbird

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Once you have created an email account, the most confortable way of working with it is using a mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook.

In this guide we explain how to configure an email account on Thunderbird, using IMAP ( inestad of POP3 ) protocol and with SSL enabled.

1 - New email account

Choose File > New > Existing Mail Account.


2 - Write your name, email and password

Just fill the 3 fields with your name, the email account address you whish to configure and its password. Click on Continue button.


3 - Choose Manual Config

After clicking Continue in the previous step Thunderbird will try to autoconfigure the account. It's better to override the values detected by Thunderbird, so just click on Manual config button.


4 - Configure account

Fill in the different fields as you see in the following image:


You only have to modify 3 fields:

  1. The first field you must configure is the protocol on Incoming server, we recommend to choose IMAP instead of POP3.
  2. On Server Name for Incoming server write ( replace with your real domain ) instead of the suggested value.
  3. Same as previous but on Server Name for Outgoing server.

Click on Done button.

5 - SSL warning

You will get a SSL warning. Just click on Confirm Security Exception.


This warning happens because the mail servers SSL certificate domain's does not match yourdomain, it's normal on shared hosting services.