Configure an email account on Apple Mail

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Once you have created an email account, the most confortable way of working with it is using a mail client such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

In this guide we explain how to configure an email account on Apple Mail ( OS X El Capitan ), using IMAP ( instead of POP3 ) protocol and with SSL enabled.

1 - Open Mail preferences

Choose Preferences on Mail menu.


2 - Add new account

Access Accounts tab and you will see the listing of your configured email accounts, just click on + sign on the lower left area.


3 - Choose the account type

Choose Other Mail Account...


4 - Account basic details

Fill the 3 fields with your name, the email address of the account you whish to configure and its password. Click on Sign In button.


5 - Complete configuration

Apple Mail will try to autodetect service details but it will fail, so you will have to fill the username and server fields by yourself. Then click on Sign In button.


6 - SSL certificate warning

You will get a SSL certificate warning, you can ignore it. Just click on Continue button.


7 - Select apps to use with the account

Choose whatever to think is appropiate. In the example image we only enable Mail.