Configure an email account on Outlook 2013 y 2016

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Once you have created an email account, the most confortable way of working with it is using a mail client such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

In this guide we explain how to configure an email account on Microsfot Outlook 2013, using IMAP ( instead of POP3 ) protocol and with SSL enabled.

1 - Open Outlook 2013

Open Microsoft Outlook 2013 and click in FILE button.


2 - Choose Account Settings...

Click on Account Settings... option.


3 - Click on New... button


4 - Choose Manual setup

Choose Manal setup or additional server types and click on Next.


5 - Choose POP or IMAP

Choose POP or IMAP option and click on Next.


6 - Type basic configuration

Type the basic configuration details of the email account. We show you these details when creating an email account.

Once you finished click on More Settings button.


7 -Outgoing Server settings

A new small windows will open. On Outgoing Server tab select My Outgoing server requires authenticacion and Use same settings as my incoming mail server.


8 - Advanced settings

On Avvanced tab modify options as you see in the following image. The click on OK button to close the smal window.


9 - Continue

Simply click on Next button.


10 - Security Warning

A new Internet Security Warning window wil open. Don't worry, it's normal. Just click on Yes button.


11 - Testing account settings

Outlook will test the account settings. Once done, click Close button.


12 - You're all set!

Outlook will show you a You're all set! message.


About the Security Warning

The Security Warning from step 10 will be show again each time you open Outlook 2013. Simply click on Yes.