Directory estructure of your hosting account

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Your hosting account contains server directories and files since the first moment. We will try to explain the most important ones.


Most important directories are:

  • The etc directory is used to store mail, FTP and PHP settings.
  • The mail directory contains the email messages of your email accounts.
  • The php directory contains PHP executables, PEAR libraries, etc.
  • The public_html directory contains your main domain content.
  • The sites directory contains the files of any subdomain or addons domain you may host .
  • The tmp directory contains some temporary files, Awstats stats, etc.
  • The www directory is not a real directory, it's a symbolic link pointing to public_html.

Most important files are:

  • The .bash_profile file defines the shell environment
  • The .bashrc file also defines the shell environment
  • The .gemrc file contains Rubygems settings

Most of these folders and files are necessary for the proper functioning of the service. Don't delete or modify then.