How to migrate your website to guebs

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If your website is hosted by another provider and you want to migrate it to guebs, in general, there are 3 steps to follow:

  1. Contract a hosting plan
  2. Publish the website and create the email accounts
  3. Point the domain to our servers

Depending on the case, each step should be done in one way or another, but usually the best way to migrate your website is following the process explained below.

In this guide we do not explain the process of moving the domain, because after all, migrating a website does not require moving the domain. Therefore, it is better to separate both procedures.

1 - Contract a hosting plan

Taking into account the current needs of your website, you have to choose the plan that best suits it. For a small website, our S2 plan will be more than enough.

2 - Publish the web site and create email accounts

Once the hosting plan is contracted, wait to receive the email that we will send you with all the details of the plan. Then continue with the process:

2.1 - Create email accounts

If up to now you had email accounts under your domain, i.e. addresses, go to the "Email accounts" section of the control panel and create the same accounts you had up to now.

2.2 - Publish the website

You must publish all the files that make up your website in the public_html folder of your hosting account. There are several ways to do this: via FTP, with Frontpage, using the control panel's File Manager, via SSH, etc.

2.3 - Import databases

If your website uses a MySQL database you must import it to your new hosting account at guebs. The first thing is to access the panel of your previous provider and export the database, then you must create the database from the "MySQL Databases" section of our control panel and, finally, you must import the database using the phpMyAdmin tool.

2.4 - Test the website

Now it's time to test that your website is working properly. The best way to do this is to use the alternate login address of your hosting account. The address of your hosting account is shown in the Hosting Panel Overview table.

3 - Have the domain name hosted with us

You still have to do the last and most important step: make your website and domain to be hosted with us. To do this, you must replace the DNS servers currently configured on your domains with ours:

This change must be made from the management panel of the provider where you have registered the domain. Most providers offer a tool to change the DNS servers of the domains, but if yours does not have anything similar you will have to contact them and ask them to configure the DNS servers that we have just indicated.

If your domain is registered in guebs, this change of DNS servers you have to do it from the domain panel.