How to access cPanel directly

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There are 2 different methods to access the cPanel of a hosting account: from the Hosting Panel or directly.

For most of our clients the easiest method is to access cPanel from the Hosting Panel, but in some cases it's no the recommend method.

For example, clients with a reseller service cannot allow their clients to access from the Hosting Panel, but they can provide direct cPanel access.

How to access cPanel

In order to access cPanel directly follow these steps:

1. Open up your favorite web browser

2. In the address bar type ( replace with your real domain )

3. Type your hosting account's username and password. Click Log In

What is my username and password?

You can obtain your hosting account's username following How to obtain your hosting account’s basic details guide.

If order to retrive your password you must follow How to change hosting account main password.