How to access cPanel

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All our hosting accounts enjoy 2 different management panels: our custom build Hosting Panel and the popular cPanel.

For most tasks you can use any of the two tools, but take in account that our Hosting Panel offers additional functionality: PHP configuration, Ruby Apps, NodeJS Apps, etc.

There are two ways to access your hosting account's cPanel: the direct method and from the Hosting Panel. In this guide we explain the second method, the easiest one:

1 - Access the Hosting Panel

Just follow instruccions of How to access your Hosting Panel.

2 - Click on cPanel icon

Just click on the first icon you will see, the Login to cPanel icon.


3 - Login to cPanel

You will see an additional screen, just follow on screen instructions.


4 - Done!

There is no fourth step, you are already inside cPanel.