How to access your hosting account via FTP

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There are two types of FTP accounts on every hosting:

  • The Main FTP account exists since the first moment your hosting account is created and it's username and password are the same you use access cPanel or SSH. This account has access to the whole hosting and it's recommend to avoid using it.
  • Secondary FTP accounts which you can create or delete from the Hosting Panel. You can eve restrict them to a single directory. We recommend you to always use these FTP accounts.

How to access using a secondary FTP account

When we setup your hosting account we also create two secondary FTP accounts that have access to different directories.

In order to obtain connection defailts of these two accounts follow these steps:

1 - Access your Hosting Panel

Follow instruccions of How to access your Hosting Panel to access your Hosting Panel.

2 - Click on FTP Access icon

Just click on FTP Access icon.


3 - Click on Get FTP connection details

You will all the secondary FTP accounts configure in your hosting and the directory to which they have rights to access.

IF you only host a single website in your hosting account, just click on Get FTP connection details link of the first FTP account.


How to access using the main FTP account

The use of the main FTP is not recommend for most users, but is come cases you will have to use it.

The connections details of the main FTP account are:

  • The host is your domain hosting account's domain name.
  • The username is your hosting account's username, which you can locate in the left column of your Hosting Panel.
  • The password is the hosting account's main password, follow How to change hosting account main password to define a new password.