How to backup an application using Softaculous

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In this guide we want to explain the easiest way to create a backup of any web application you have installed using the Softaculous installer.

1 - Acces Hosting panel

The first step is to log in to your Hosting account.

2 - Access the Softaculous Installer

After logging into your Hosting account, we will click on the Softaculous Installer icon, as shown in the image below:

3 - Access the Application List

Once inside Softaculous we have to access to the Applications List, to do it click on the icon that we indicate in the following image:

In the Applications List we will see all the applications that we have installed using Softaculous. Click on the backup icon of the application you want to create a backup copy of.

If Softaculous does not find your application (WordPress, Prestashop etc...) just import the installation to Softaculous and then follow the steps in this guide.

4 - Make the backup

We will arrive at a kind of form with information about the application and where we are allowed to adjust some aspects of the backup.

You just have to make sure to select the 2 options offered and to give a descriptive name to the backup, as shown in the following image:

Finally, we create the backup by clicking on the blue button and once the process is finished, it will indicate that the backup was created successfully.

5 - How to remove a backup

If we want to delete a backup created with softaculous, we only have to enter Softaculous (step 2 of the guide) and click on "Backups".

Once inside Backups, we select the copy that we want to delete and we click on the X of deletion.

6 - How to download a backup

If we want to download a backup created with softaculous (for example so that it does not occupy space on the hosting), we will only have to enter Softaculous (step 2 of the guide) and click on "Backups".

Once inside Backups, locate the copy you want to download and click on the blue download arrow.