How to create a query

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1 - Log in to the Customer Area

If you do not know how to access the Customer Area, the following guide explains how to do it.

2 - Access in support

Once inside the Client Area, click on Support in the upper right corner.

3 - Create the query

In the support area we will be able to see all the queries created and opened under our account, in this case, as we want to create a new one, we click Send query.

In the Form, we select the type of department (for example if the query is related to an invoicing, we would put management and invoicing), the visibility of the query and the priority of the query.

Management and invoicing ->

Tecnical support ->

We put a subject to the query and explain it in as much detail as possible.

Once the registration is completed, we accept the Personal Data Processing Policy and click on Send.