How to create mail redirection from the Domain Panel

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In this guide we explain how to create a email redirection or alias from the Domain Panel.

Supposse that you own a domain called and a the email address. You can create a email alias called that will redirect emails to


If your domain is hosted on any of our Hosting o Reseller plans you should not follow this guide, as your site and email may stop working.

1 - Access the Domain Panel

Just follow instruccions of How to access the Domain Panel.

2 - Verify nameservers

To be able to follow these instructions your domain must use our Alternative nameservers (, and Just check on the left column under DNS servers title, you should see something like:


If the domain is not using our Alternative nameservers, you can activate them following the How to modify your domain’s DNS servers guide.

3 - Click on Mail redirects

Click on Mail redirects link.


4 - Create the Mail redirection

Fill in the form as you see in the following image and click on the large Send button.