How to grant your customers access to the White-Label Panel

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Should you have a reseller plan you may grant your clients access to the hosting management panel.

To do so, you just need to follow this instructions.

1 - Access the Reseller Panel

Follow this guide on How to access the Reseller Panel.

2 - Access the Hosting Panel

Simply access the Hosting Panel you want to give access through the White-Label Panel. (click on the right "Hosting Panel" link)

3 - Manage subusers

Click on the big red icon called manage subusers on the top right corner of the hosting panel.

We call subusers to those who only have access to this service management through our white-label panel. They are nos users with full access to your account, they can only access to the services you have granted them for.

4 - Add new subusers

Click on Add subuser blue button to get to the form where you would have to enter the Name, the email and the services to wich you want do give access.

5 - Access to the White-Label Panel

Having sent the previous form, que result will be something like this:

Instructions have been sent to the users email. He just need to login with his new user and password in the White label website: