How to import and export PostgreSQL databases with phpPgAdmin

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phpPgAdmin is a web based PostgreSQL manager, it can be used to create  tables, views, esquemas... etc

Access to phpPgAdmin

To access to  phpPgAdmin, we first need to access to our Hosting Panel, descend to section "Mysql and PostgreSQL databases" and click on "phpPgAdmin" icon.



phpPgAdmin web manager will pop up in a new window



By clicking on your Database name, "d4b62df4_8cb78fc7" in this example, you will get access to database operations.




Importing of a Database is made in the SQL section, click on "SQL" icon.


You will see a new text area where you can post your SQL querys. Additionally  you could upload a SQL script to import an entire database.



you just need to select the file or write you query and click on the "Execute" button.



To export your database you need to click on "Export" icon.



A new dialog will show up with different format and options.


It may be recommendable to select  "Structure and data" with "SQL" Format and remember to select  "Download compressed with gzip" option.