How to install Joomla using Softaculous

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Softaculous is a really nice tool that allows you to install on your website more that 200 web applications. Joomla is just one of the many apps you can install.

In order to install Joomla on your hosting account follow these steps:

1 - Access your Hosting Panel

Follow instructions of How to access your Hosting Panel to access your Hosting Panel.

2 - Click in Install Joomla icon

Locate and click on "Install Joomla" icon. You will directly access Joomla installer.



3 - Fill in the form and submit

You will have to fill in a few fields, just take in account that:

  • We recommend you to select http://www in protocol field.
  • If you wish to install in the root of your domain, you must leave Directory field empty.
  • Chose a custom username, using admin as username it's not a good idea.
  • Enable Limit Login Attempts plugin


Copy and save your username and password




4 - Wait and results

Once you click Install button you will have to wait a few seconds. Once Joomla has been sucessfully installed it will show your Joomla's URL and it's administration panel URL.


Click on the Admistration URL.

5 - Login to Joomla

Fill the login form with the username and password you defined on the installation form.


6 - You are done!

It's done. You will see your Joomlas's Control Panel.