How to install Python Packages

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It is very simple to install Python packages in our hosting services. In this guide we explain how.

Requirements to consider

Package installation is done using the pip command, so you need to access your hosting plan using SSH.

On the other hand, the installation of some packages requires that you already have enabled compilers access on your hosting plan.

Finally , to use the pip command, you must first have defined some Python app in the Python Applications section of your Hosting Panel.

How to install a package

To install a package you must run the pip command, as follow:

pip install --user

For example, to install the last version on Django:

pip install django --user

How to install a package group

If your application has defined the requirements.txt dependency file, you can install them by running:

pip install -r requirements.txt --user

Packages and Binaries Location

Every package installed using  pip, will be stored in .local/ directory of your hosting

Likewise , any binary or executable included in a package you have installed , it will be located in .local/bin/ . This route will be included in your PATH, therefore, they can be called directly without having to specify the full path.