How to modify PHP configuration

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Our Hosting Panel allows selecting the PHP version, restarting PHP processes and even modifying the PHP configuration file ( known as php.ini ) for each version.

This guide explain how to update the PHP configuration of your domains.

1 - Access your Hosting Panel

Just follow instruccions of How to access your Hosting Panel.

2 - Click on PHP Configuration

Look for and click on PHP Configuration icon.


3 - Identify the domain

You will see a listing of all domains and subdomains hosted in the account. Identify the domain on which you whish to modify the PHP configuration and click on Change settings.

Note that there is not a specific PHP configuration per domain, the configuration is per PHP version. So when modifying the PHP configuration of a domain you are updating it for all domains that use the same PHP version.


4 - Modify the configuration

You will see the values of some PHP configuration variables. You can update the value of exisiting variables or add new ones.

4.1. - Update current configuration

You can modify the value of any of the currently defined variables or delete any of them by click on small "Delete icon".


4.2. - Add new configuration

You can define new PHP configuration variables, just write its name ( for example memory_limit ), its value and click on the small "Add icon".


4.3 - Save the changes

And finally, in order to save, any of the modifycations and new values you may have added, YOU MUST CLICK on the Save button!