How to move an international domain to guebs

A domain transfer refers to the process of moving a domain registration from one provider to another. It does not imply any change at the technical or operational level of the domain, it is only a change of provider.

Generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs are those domains managed by ICANN and currently there are more than 1000 different extensions. The most common are COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO or PRO, although new domains such as CAT, EUS, GAL, XYZ, SITE or TOP are also gTLDs. In general, all these domain extensions have the same basic regulations and, therefore, this guide applies to all of them.

Transferring an international domain always has a cost and once the transfer process is completed, the domain is automatically renewed for 1 year at the new provider. Therefore, transferring a domain is like renewing it at another provider. For example, if your domain mydomain.com expires in 3 months and you transfer it to guebs, we will add one year to the domain registration period so the new expiration date will be in 1 year and 3 months.

The cost of transferring a domain varies depending on the extension and is usually quite inexpensive. For example, as of December 2020, transferring a .COM domain costs 8.95 EUR + VAT or transferring a .NET domain costs 11 EUR + VAT. In the Domains section of our website you will find the cost of all domain extensions.

Requirements to transfer a domain name

If you want to transfer a generic domain to guebs or any other company, the domain must meet the following conditions:

  • Not expired and with at least 2 days left to expire.
  • Registered more than 60 days ago or renewed more than 45 days ago.
  • That it is not locked.
  • If the owners have been recently modified, the domain cannot be transferred for 60 days.

The transfer process

To make the transfer of a domain you must follow the following steps:

  1. Verify that the domain meets all the necessary requirements to carry out the transfer..
  2. Obtain the EPP key or Auth Code of the domain. You must do this at the company where you currently have the domain registered, they may have an interface or you may have to contact them.
  3. Contract the Domain Transfer service from our contracting system by entering the «authcode» of the domain in the field indicated.
  4. Fill in and send the domain contact information form. This form is accessible from the purchase confirmation screen, although we will also send you an email with a link to it.
  5. Once we have processed your order, you will receive an email from us to let you know if we have been able to initiate the transfer or if any problems have arisen.
  6. In less than 8 days the transfer will be completed, sometimes sooner..

Aspects to consider

If the domain is locked

If it turns out that the domain is locked (it is in Registrar-Lock status), you will have to unlock it in order to be able to carry out the transfer. To unlock the domain you will have to access the customer area of the company where you have registered the domain or contact them.

Domains less than 60 days old

Domains that have been registered less than 60 days ago cannot be moved, as they are in locked status. The same applies to newly renewed domains, which are also locked for 60 days. This is due to a mandatory regulation imposed by ICANN, i.e. in these cases there is no way to unlock the domain.

Modification of contact information

Currently, according to ICANN regulations, if you modify the contact information of a domain, it will be blocked for 60 days and you will not be able to move the domain during that time. There is an unlocking mechanism but not all providers provide it. Therefore, if you want to transfer a gTLD domain, do not modify its contact details, do it once the transfer is completed.