How to add a parked domain

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A parked domain is a domain that points or redirects to an existing domain on your hosting account.

You can use a parked domains to create email accounts but a parked domain can't have it's own website, it always points to another website. If you require the new domain to have it's own website, add it as a Hosted Domain, read the How to host a new domain on your hosting account guide.

In order to add a parked domain to your hosting account, follow these instructions:

1 - Access your Hosting Panel

Just follow instruccions of How to access your Hosting Panel.

2 - Click on Parked Domains

Look for and click on Parked Domains icon.


3 - Add the domain

Simply type you new domain name in the form and click on the large Send button.


4 - Check it

The new domain will appear on that same section under Existing Parked Domains:


5 - Point the domain to guebs

In order to function you must point the domain to guebs. If the domain is registered with us it will usually point to guebs, so you won't have to do anything.

6 - Optionally, redirect the domain

By default a Parked domain always points to the hosting account's main domain. If you have additional hosted domains in the account you can point the new parked domain to any of them by creating a redirection.

To create a redirection follow instructions of How to redirect a domain to another one.