How to point a domain to your hosting

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There are 2 different method to point a domain to your hosting:

1 - User our DNS servers on your domain

This is the easiest and the recommended method. For a domain to point to your hosting account you simply need to configure our Hosting DNS servers on it:

Take into account that DNS changes are not inmediate, you will have to wait between a few minutes and several hours ( usually up to 48 hours ).

2 - Create a CNAME pointing to the alias domain

Every hosting account has an alias domain like assigned to it. You can use that domain as an alternative to your real doman name to navigate your website or to connect via FTP.

If you don't known the domain assigned to your hosting account, just check your hosting account's basic details.

Suppose that your real domain is and that your alias domain is In order to host the website with us you should create the following DNS records:       IN    A   IN    CNAME

If you do also want to host the email service in the hosting account, create the following DNS records:       IN    MX  IN    CNAME