How to purchase a hosting plan

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In this guide we will show you how to contract a Hosting, the main differences between each one of them and the necessary requirements for its hiring.


Hiring a hosting plan is very simple, but it is important to understand that every hosting plan must have an associated domain, which will be the main domain of the hosting account.

Therefore, when signing up for a hosting plan you should always define a main domain.

To do this you can:

  • Register a new domain when you sign up for hosting
  • You can request the transfer of a domain you have with another provider.
  • You can associate a domain that is already yours, whether or not it is registered with us.
  • You can associate a temporary domain like "".

Mail in the Hostings

All hosting plans offer the possibility of creating unlimited e-mail accounts, but the space occupied by the e-mail is shared with the space occupied by the web, so if you plan to store a lot of e-mail on the server, this is an important point to take into account.

Hiring Hosting or Multihosting

All the contracting is done online from the Hostings page. We can hire an individual plan for each project (Hostings S2 and S15) or a Multihosting plan (M25 and M50) in which we can have several Hostings under the same account.

The individual plan allows us to hire everything on behalf of the customer (with your personal data and email) so that he himself can renew it when necessary. If we contract a Multihosting plan, we will be the ones who as intermediaries offer the service so the client will have to pay us the renewal every year.

S2 and S15 Plans

For who are the S2 and S15 plans intended?

In the first 2 hosting plans, we have the S2 and S15. These hostings are perfect for hosting a single website under a single domain and is suitable for small businesses or individuals with simple websites.

What is the main difference between S2 and S15?

  • The space included is 2 GB for the S2 and 15 GB for the S15.
  • S15 adds functionality for hosting Ruby and NodeJS applications.

As you can see, the difference between these 2 plans is summarized in space and additional functionality to host Ruby and NodeJS applications, the rest is all the same, performance included.

Practical examples of the 2 types of Hosting

  • Hosting S2: You need to host a personal website created with WordPress, with little mail stored and will not contain too many files (in total, less than 2GB, including space occupied by mail).
  • Hosting S15: You need to host a corporate website created in WordPress, will have moderate mail usage and content will be added regularly on the web.
  • Hosting S15: You need to host a website created with Ruby or NodeJS.

M25 and M50 Plans

For who are the M25 and M50 Multihosting plans?

This type of hosting is aimed at those people/companies that are dedicated to create/host websites for their customers and those people/companies that have several websites.

Also for those who want to host a large website or an online store, as they can assign a Superior or Maximum performance level to the hosting and assign Python, PostgreSQL or MongoDB technologies, so you can host heavy websites or with many visits.

What are the advantages of Multihosting plans?

For those who host many websites, the advantages of Multihosting plans are that the cost per Hosting is lower and that they provide significant flexibility with respect to the allocation of resources and functionalities, since they allow you to allocate high performance whenever you need it.

What are the differences between the M25 and M50 plans?

All Multihosting plans are "the same", the only difference is that in the M50 you can assign a maximum performance level, base space and available points.

Type of Plan Space Points
M25 25GB of Space 8 Pints
M50 50GB os Space 48 Points

How many websites can I host on an M25 or M50 Plan?

The points are the main limit of our Multihosting plans, so the number of Hostings or webs that we will be able to create, will depend on how we consume them, the consumption of points in the following:

  • A Mini hosting ( not including databases ) - 1 point
  • A Standard hosting with Base performance level - 2 points
  • A Standard hosting with Superior performance level - 5 points
  • A Standard hosting with Maximum performance level - 8 points
  • A Standard hosting with performance level higher than Maximum - 18 points
  • First additional domain hosted on a hosting - 1 point
  • All other additional domains hosted on a hosting - 2 points
  • Activate MongoDB functionality - 1 point
  • Activate PostgreSQL functionality - 1 point

Taking into account the points consumption, in this table we show you some examples of how many Mini, WordPress and MongoDB or PostgreSQL websites could be created per Hosting assigning only the Base performance.

Plan Type Mini 0DB WordPress MongoDB/PostgreSQL
M25 Base 8 4 2
M50 Base 48 24 16

How to hire a Hosting plan

On the home page, from the top menu, go to Hosting.

Locate the Hosting you want to hire and click on Buy.

1 - Configure Hosting

In the form, we will have to assign a domain to the Hosting, we can register a new one in guebs, transfer one that we already have registered in another provider or assign a temporary one.

Main domain of the service: Assign a domain to the Hosting, in case it is not registered, it will be indicated in the form itself to register it and if it is available for transfer, you can do it too.

Assign me a temporary address like Check this option if you do not want to add a temporary domain to the Hosting.

2 - Server location

At the end of the form, we will have to select the Server Location, the available options are the following:

  • Madrid
  • Irlanda
  • California
  • Brasil

It is important to correctly select the server location, as it directly affects the response time of the visitors (for example if most of our visitors are or will be from Spain, we recommend putting Madrid).

3 - Review Hosting from the shopping cart

New Domain Registered in guebs

In the cart you will see the Hosting and the domain along with its price, select the contract period for Hosting and the time we want to register the domain, then click Next.

The Hosting S2 is the only Hosting that cannot be registered Semiannually (minimum 1 year), with the rest it is possible to do it, although it will always be more expensive than doing it Annually.

Domain transfer in guebs

If we assign a domain registered in another provider and we want to transfer it in guebs. As in this example case we are transferring a .com domain (international) we are asked:

You must enter the "Auth Code" so we click on the requirement and enter it, then click on Save and Next.

How to move an international domain to guebs

If for example we were transferring a regional domain, such as .es, we would not need to enter any Auth Code, since these domains do not need it to complete their transfer.

Auth codes must be obtained from the current domain registrar where the domain is registered.

Complete purchase

If you are already a customer log in and select the customer under which you want to hire. If you are not a customer fill in the forms and finish.