How to renew a service right now

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Most clients renew their services following the instructions we sent them once the service enters renewal period, but you can really renew a service anytime.

In order to renew a service even if it's not on renewal period, follow these instructions:

1 - Access the client area

Simply click on Customer login button located at the top right of our website. You will be asked to enter your username and password.


2 - Access the service administration page

Suppose that the service you want to renew is a domain name. In that case you should click on Domain main menu, find the domain and click on it's service name.


3 - Click on Renew Service

Once you are on the service's admnistration page, click on the Renew Service link.


4 - Select payment method

Select payment method and click on the large Send button.


5 - Review order and submit

Verify that the order is correct and click on the large Confirm button.