How to transfer a service to another customer

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In this guide we explain how to transfer a service (for example a Hosting or a Domain) to another customer account, in short, move a service to the account of another new or existing customer.

Client number

To start with the transfer, the first thing we will need to know is the Customer Number of the destination account.

1 - Access the customer area

Enter your username and password and then click on the Login button.

2 - Write down the Customer Number (destination)

We enter in preferences and we write down the customer number in the Client data section.

Transfer the service

1 - Access to the service (source)

We enter the client area from which we want to transfer the desired service and in the top menu we select the type of service we want to transfer in My Services section.

In My services, click on the name of the desired service, in our case the domain

At the end, in the side menu, click on Change Owner of the service.

2 - Finish the transfer

Enter the customer number obtained at the beginning of the guide to which we want to transfer the service and your administrative password to verify the transfer, then click on Send to complete the process.