Hwo to enable Private Whois for my domain

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We offer a Private Whois service that can be enabled on the following domains extensions: BIZ, CC, CO, COM, INFO, ME, MOBI, NAME, NET, ORG, TV

When enabling this service on a domain, all the contacts details are replaced by a legally constituted company. This way the real whois information is hidden.

Your contact email address is also replaced by a single use or temporary proxy address, which will prevent most fraud and spam.

In this guide we explian you to how to enable Whois Privacy on a domain registered with us.

1 - Access the Domain Panel

Just follow instruccions of How to access the Domain Panel.

2 - Click on Enable Private Whois

Just click on Enable Private Whois.


3 - Select payment method

The cost of the service is currently 2 EUR plus applicable taxes per year. Just select your preferred payment method and click on Send.


4 - Confirm purcharse

You will be shown a summary of the purchase. Just click on the large Confirm button.


5 - Complete process

Depending on the selected payment method the service will be enabled inmediatly or you will receive instructions to make the payment. Just follow the indications.