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A summary of the features of Python service as of August 10, 2016

Python Versions

We offer the ability to run Python applications using any of the following Python Versions:

  • 2.7
  • 3.4
  • 3.5

When you create your application in the the Hosting Panel, you must choose which of these versions of Python you want to use.

Supported Frameworks

On our Python Services, you can run any application that supports WSGI standard, which is very common among the different Python frameworks.
It should be noted that some frameworks need a bit more work, to put in place than others, although we have verified that the following frameworks work:


Python Packages

To install Python packages using the command pip is recommended. The packages will be installed in the .local directory of your hosting plan.

Python App Location

The files of different Python applications that you'll create or install on your hosting account, must be placed in your hosting account's python directory.

For examble, the files os an App called myapp, will be placed in: pythin/myapp/.