Quick guide for new hosting customers

5 de noviembre, 2015 @ 16:53 — 0 comentarios

This guide is for customers that have just purchased a hosting account from us for the first time. It's purpose is to explain the available tools and the first steps you should usually take.

1 - Access your Hosting Panel

The Hosting Panel is the main management tool of a hosting account, available in all our Hosting, Reseller and Cloud Premium services.

Th Hosting Panel allows you to create email accounts, install applications such as WordPress, access your visitos stats, create subdomains, create MySQL databases, configure PHP, define Ruby and NodeJS applications, etc.

This tools is inside your client's area, to access it follow instruccions of How to access your Hosting Panel.

2 - Point your domain to the hosting account

This step is not usually necesary. If you purchased a domain name along the hosting service, that domain is automatically configured to point to your hosting account.

In the other hand, if you want to host a domain that it's not registered with us or that you have recently transfered to us, you must point that domain to the hosting account.

3 - Create email accounts

As you already known how to access the Hosting Panel, creating one or more email accounts is really easy.

Once created, you can access your email account using the webmail service or by configuring the email account on a desktop program such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird.,

4 - Create and publish your website

There are many different ways to create and publish a website, but they can usually be summarized into 5 groups:

  • A third person or company has created a custom built website for you. It's usually enough to provide them direct access to your cPanel but is some cases you will need to provide them access to the Hosting Panel.
  • You have created your own HTML pages the old fashioned way, so you only need to upload them using FTP. You will need a desktop FTP program such as Filezilla and follow How to access your hosting account via FTP.
  • You want to build our website using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. Read our Web Applications guides.
  • You consider CMSs are too complex but requiere a pretty large and full featured website. You should use our Web Presence Builder.
  • You only need a simple but beautifully designed website. Our Miniweb Builder is what you been looking for.