See start up errors on ruby, nodejs or python applications

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In Ruby, NodeJs and Python applications it is normal for errors or warnings to be recorded in certain log files. In order to debug a problem, the first step is usually to check these log files.

Unfortunately, in Ruby, NodeJs and Python applications hosted in guebs, there are some types of errors that are NOT recorded in any log file. In other words, there are some errors that you won't be able to see or consult.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem, which is to force the errors to be displayed on the web or application.

Activation from the Hosting Panel

Once you have accessed the Hosting Panel, if your application is Ruby, go to the Ruby Applications section. On the other hand, if the application is NodeJS, go to NodeJS Applications; and if it is Python, go to Python Applications. Once you are there click on Configure of the application in which you want to force the errors to be shown on the web.

Aplicaciones NodeJS

You will arrive at a form that will allow you to modify some aspects of your application, you must select activate Friendly error pages.-

Activar friendly error pages

View application errors

Having done this, on screen you will find detailed errors about the problem found when starting the application: